Unveiling of the book “Student’s Cultural-Social Quarterly “Comprehensive Knowledge”

November 19, 2018

In today’s world, article and essay are becoming more and more important day by day. Especially academic articles that are the only source of knowledge and awareness in all branches of science. Researchers and academics use this form to disseminate research, scientific or educational achievements and transfer their knowledge and experiences. Also, today, in academic centers, academic and scientific levels and knowledge of individuals are evaluated based on the type of writing and the type of articles they are, and scientific articles that are allowed to be published and published in prestigious journals are also proof of the authors’ bounty and skill. Raising the level of knowledge and promoting its scientific rank helps. Sometimes writing and publishing a scientific article is one of the criteria for selecting candidates for higher scholarship scholarship. Ultimately, in the classification and validation of universities, the rate and quality of articles published by students and lecturers is very important.

The University of Jamie is proud to be fully aware of this important issue and is proud to be close and closer to its education and training goals by providing the ground for advancement and rehabilitation of the youth, and with strong, competent and competent forces. One of the hallmarks of this speech is the writing and publishing of students’ articles in the form of a student magazine, which Al Hamad Lehla, for the first time at the level of private universities in the country, with the efforts and efforts of a group of active students of the University of Jami, the first The issue of Quarterly Journal of the Student Bond “Cup of Knowledge” is published and ready for publication It’s been there.

The event will feature a scientific and cultural event with the participation of students, staff, professors and officials at the University of Jami, and the general public and students and students, “The Unveiling Cup of the Science Cup Magazine”. Therefore, you will be well-educated and courageous to attend to the glory of this circle with your presence.

Time: Thursday / Apr. 1397 from 8:30 am to the end

Location: Jami University, Conference Hall

With respect

Associate Professor of the Jami University Scientific Research Committee