Sharia and Islamic studies faculty meeting with lecturers

May 4, 2021

Sharia and Islamic studies held its official meeting with lecturers on 27/6/1397 to improve the quality of teaching in this faculty. At first, Sayed Jamaluddin Herawi, dean of Sharia and Islamic studies faculty spoke about the subjects and teaching methods of teachers. He encouraged those teachers who are trying and updated in their majors and criticized those who are not updated nor on time. Then Mr. Forotan spoke and requested that the teaching time of Sharia faculty should be like the teaching time of other faculties of Jami university. In this case we can get more students as we are having weak economic situation and this is difficult for the students to study in this time. In addition, Mr. Mohammad Masoom Azizi added that the students of sharia are careless about Arabic language. He added that Arabic language is too important for students of sharia as it is the language of Quran and it is prerequisite for other subjects. At the end of his speech, he appreciated the efforts of Jami university to pave the way for these students. He also added that Sharia and Islamic studies students of Jami university are better than the students of other universities. Mr. Shahab Ramish emphasized on the attendance sheet of the students. He added that the students are careless about their attendance sheet and they do not think that they will be deprived. At the end Forensic Medicine lecturer mentioned about the practical lessons of the students. He added that the students of this subject should watch dead spots and autopsy personally as their practical lessons. Mr. Sarwari also spoke about the attendance sheet of the students. He mentioned that the attendance of the students should be taken serious till the students do not make absence. He also ordered the quality control and quality assurance committee to control the lessons of the sharia teachers to appreciate those who are successful and give them more classes till we have more successful teachers.