Students were given Kankor Simulation Exam

December 15, 2018

On the basis of a memorandum of cooperation between the University of Jami and a number of schools in Herat, on Wednesday, an experimental kankor exam was held for graduates of the 12th grade of high school and undergraduate high school leavers.

The ceremony began with recite of the blessed verses of Divine Word, and then Professor Naseer Ahmad Farahmand, the dean of the University of Jami, while welcoming the participants and introducing the programs of the Jami University’s support programs from schools, participated in such programs for getting to the major university and interested in it. It is appreciated that women are qualified for higher education.

Then engineer Ghulam Sarouri informed about how to take the exam and presented various forms to the students.

The experimental test for the graduates of Aman Ali Shirvani Shoobaye and Goharshad will be held on Saturday 24th arc.