The family violence book was unveiled at Jami university

December 10, 2018

The opening ceremony of the book “Family Violence Against Women” was held with the participation of guests and enthusiasts at Jami University. The presence of government and non-governmental officials including the Herat Provincial Representative, the Department of Women’s Affairs, the Office of the Independent Human Rights Commission’s Herat Officers Office in Herat, the chairman of the Herat Council of Experts, the heads of the University of Jami, university professors and students, journalists from the private and governmental media, Was.

The ceremony began with the Holy Quran recitation by Baha’addin Jami and the play of the national anthem. Then, Ms. Crimea Sedighi, with her good performance, invited Dr. Mir Mohammad Ayubi, the head of the University of Jami. Mr. Ayoubi praised the guests and thanked the University for its scientific and research policies.

Then, Ms. Vahid Azizi, the representative of the Provincial Council, the Herat Provincial Council greetings to the participants, explaining the government’s policies on combating violence against women, spoke about the success of the government in this regard.

Mohammad Ali Alami, the head of the Scientific Research Committee of the University of Jamie, presented a report on the scientific and research activities of the University of Jami. He said that in less than a year two valuable and valuable books were produced and published, and at the same time two quarters, one special for professors and another special Students will be published and published. The Department of Investigation Department was then introduced to the sections and main structure of the book on the investigation of domestic violence against women.

Subsequently, HE Mr. Seyed Abdul Qader Rahimi, head of the Regional Office of the Independent Human Rights Commission in Herat, spoke. The author considered the work to be a valuable and very useful piece of work and considered it a great step for the University of Jamaica to convey, writing and publishing, and congratulated the University leadership on its success.

At the end of the ceremony, the head of the council of experts and the representative of the province of Herat was invited to officially unveil the book and, with continued encouragement of the audience, this scientific work was unveiled.

At the end of the ceremony, participants attended the reception and at the end of the program each guest received a diverse cultural basket, including the book “Review of Family Violence Against Women”.