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Agriculture & Agronomic Faculty Faculty


Jami University aims to impart a technical education in Agriculture and related areas. The university creates, integrates, & shares knowledge to meet the objectives. The main goal of the faculty of agriculture is to develop, expand and promote agriculture in Afghanistan.

As a first step, the faculty of agriculture established the department of agronomy and then it will establish the departments of gardening, livestock, soil science, irrigation, natural resources and environment, plant protection and veterinary in order to maintain a leadership role in the pursuit of knowledge through relevant and quality research, teaching, training for sustainable development, consultancy and outreach and to contribute to increased human resources, agricultural productivity, agri-business development, poverty reduction, and food security using environmentally sustainable technologies and have skills in participatory approach to conservation and utilization of natural resources with the view to enhancing rural development.

Our aims and objectives are to produce graduates who have technical and entrepreneurial skills for productive self-employment, research and be involved in all aspects of agriculture and related areas and relevance to national development and global societal needs and industry.

The curriculum of the faculty of Agriculture features an organic fusion of a group of specialized subjects in agriculture and general subjects, which provides a solid foundation for further study in a specialized field.

Careers and jobs for agriculture graduates

A degree in agriculture gives you the knowledge and skills to either manage agricultural businesses, or work in the areas of agricultural sales, food production and farming journalism.

Agriculture graduates can apply for jobs in the following departments:
the government and the relevant Ministries of agriculture, energy and water, rural development, higher education, trade and forestry and forestry departments, wood businesses, agricultural promotion, livestock, veterinary services for customs and banks, Business, Food Producing Companies and Seed Holdings. Nongovernmental institutions such as United Nations offices of international and domestic charities and private institutions include work.

Agriculture Faculty was established in 1395 at Jami University. Jami is the first private university that established an agricultural faculty in Afghanistan. Based on the vision, mission, values and objectives of this university, the development of agricultural knowledge should be in accordance with the needs of today’s society. The faculty shall foster inclusivity, diversity and equitable educational opportunity for all students and the faculty shall eradicate all forms of discriminations. The faculty follows all ethical principles and tries to train highly qualified students.


Our vision is that the traditional agriculture of Afghanistan shall be transformed into a modern and sustainable agriculture in order to achieve self-sufficiency in agricultural production in Afghanistan. Our country shall become a major exporter of agricultural commodities in the region.


Our mission is to produce highly educated and qualified agricultural students who are conversant and knows what the need of the society is. We will provide them all modern equipment, facilities and contemporary training. Our main mission is sustainable development of agriculture in Afghanistan, increasing agricultural production, economic growth and development of the country.


  • To observe and adhere to Islamic values and maintain and adhere to national standards;
  • To promote equity, diversity, inclusion and harmony;
  • To be accountable and responsible to the needs of the students;
  • To respect the freedom of speech;
  • To promote the rule of law;
  • To provide the best atmosphere for the students to learn;
  • To have effective leadership;


Our main goals are to produce agricultural experts in our beloved country Afghanistan. We try to give them the best training and all the educational facilities. We want our country to have sustainable development of agriculture, increasing agricultural production, economic growth and development of our country.
The following are the major goals of the faculty:

  • To provide appropriate academic training, facilities and equipment in accordance with international standards;
  • To attract specialized and experienced cadres according to the Ministry of Higher Education’s academic standards;
  • To set and implement agriculture faculty curriculum in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Higher Education;
  • Provide appropriate conditions and facilities for enhancing the professional knowledge of cadres in order to implement theoretical and practical curriculum in a correct and useful manner that is responsive to the needs;
  • Using samples and models that are consistent with the country’s conditions and can be effective in enhancing this field of study;
  • To make attempts to have contracts for cooperation with other national and international higher education institutions in order to develop appropriate models for the implementation of educational programs in accordance with the plans and strategies;
  • To motivate and infuse incentive in the students and encourage positive competition;

    Abdusalam Sokut Field: Instructing Subjects: [ Rights & duties ]
Education Degree: Master's degree 079640999
Major: Environment
    Ghulam Hazrat Qasemi Field:
Master of International Agriculture Development 0799120480
Dean of Agriculture Faculty
    Nazamudin Timori Field: Major: Civil
Bachelor's Degree 0794906864
Instructing Subjects: [ English ]
    Mohammad Nazim Sakandari Field: Forests and the environment
Master's Degree 0798546083
Instructing Subjects: [ Forests ]

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