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Board of Trustees

Head of Trusteeship


Board of Trustees

This is the governing and leading body of the University, who is responsible for developing and approving the university’s mission, strategic goals and objectives, and establishing policies related to programs and services.


Name: Mir Mohammad Osman
Last Name: Aioby
Father Name: Haji mir Yahya
Birth Date: 25/02/1369
Place of Birth: Herat, Afghanistan
Address: District 1, Mahbas Road, Herat, Afghanistan
Phone Number: +(93)799160115
Academic Degree: Master
Duty: Head of Trusteeship at Jami University


  • Elementary school to high school in the school of Maulana Abdullah Hatefi – Herat 1374 – 1386
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in Qalib University 1389 – 1393
  • Computer science course in Indian Banglur, India 1394 – 1396

Previous tasks

  • Teach Computer in many Faculties in Jami University 1396- 1397
  • Responsible for the English & Computer Orouj Academy 1384 – 1386
  • Teach English & Computer at Academic environments 1386 – 1389
  • Coordinator at Jami University 1389 – 1391
  • Financial Director at Jami University 1391 – 1394

Literary work:

  • Basics Computer Book
  • Word Video Tutorial 2016
  • Honey pot system
  • A Reverse Engineering Solution For Unauthorized Access
  • Tourist web page of Bangalore city in India
  • Database management system for Ariana Town
  • Pharmacy management system



  •  Persian
  •  Pashto
  •  Urdu
  • English


  • Programming Languag (Java, Python, C++, etc.)
  • (Computer, Information and Network Security)
  • (Linux Operating System )
  • Microsoft Office
  • Graphic Programs
  • Analytical program suite
  • To approve the annual university operating budget;
  • To set and approve appointment and Employment Procedures and Regulations;
  • To set salary and the terms and conditions of employment;
  • Evaluate institutional, presidential and board performance;
  • To monitor the implementation of the policies at the university;
  • To approve how to collect proprietary revenues and how to consume;
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance and the function of respective departments;
  • To prepare financial resources other than university revenues for the growth and development of the university;
  • To retain the responsibility for the expenditure of state funds by the university and its agents and employees
  • To supervise the proper allocation of financial resources;
  • To be the principal financial and business authority of the University, to ensure that proper accounts are kept;
  • To keep all documents and information confidential on and off duty;
  • Assumes other duties and responsibilities that are assigned to the Board of Trustees by law.
  • Other duties that are assigned to the Board of Trustees by law
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