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Scholarship & Discount Committee

Since its inception, Jami University has been ambitious in creating a level playing field to help students from poor families into higher education. Students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds are half as likely to go to higher education as their more affluent peers, and a quarter as likely to gain a place at the most selective universities. Although Jami University has been in the service of providing affordable educational services yet some of the students cannot bear the cost of education.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor of Jami University established this committee to identify and help the disadvantaged students into higher education.

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for college-level scholarships, policies, procedures, and other concerns related to student discount and scholarship matters.

The Committee is composed of four senior academic members Whose names and designations are mentioned below:

  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Mir Osman Ayoubi
  • Academic Vice Chancellor: Nasir Ahmad Farahmand
  • Administrative Vice Chancellor: Shams al-Haq Fazal
  • Finance Manager: Yama Wahidi

The types and areas where students may benefit discount of study fee are mentioned below:

  1. Competitive tuition discount package; (The goal of this package is to decrease the semester tuition fees and help the students into higher education)
    1. 50% discount for engineering students (semester tuition fees)
    2. 40% discount for economics students (semester tuition fees)
    3. 30% discount for law students (semester tuition fees)
    4. 20% discount for the faculty of Islamic Studies (semester tuition fees)
    5. 15% discount for medical students (semester tuition fees)
  2. Discounts for advertising and promotional purposes (The goal is to reduce the tuition fee and attract more students) Here are some of the types of discounts that the university offers in this regard.
    1. Awesome semester tuition fee discounts for those students who successfully passed public university entrance exam and want to join Jami University
    2. Great discounts for the reciter of Holy Quran
  3. The Distinguished Student Discount: (Discounts for brilliant and outstanding students) The Distinguished Student Discount is an incentive discount provided by the University to encourage outstanding students to continue performing with distinction at the University. The University reserves the right to withhold this scholarship during any semester.
    1. 100% or 50% discounts for the students who have academic achievements
    2. 100% for first semester student who score the highest in the Kankor Exam
    3. 50% discount for the students who secure first, second and third positions in the who faculty
    4. The students, who get the total mark shall get 100%, shall get 100% discount for the next semester.
    5. 25% discount for the first, second and third position holders in the medical faculty
  4. Tuition remission for university staff and family members: As part of its investment in employees, Jami University provides the tuition scholarship program to lower the cost of classes for immediate family members of the staff who meet certain criteria. The following shall only apply to children of employees of the university.
    1. 100%, 50% and 25% discount for the immediate family members of the staff
  5. Discounts for Siblings and other family members of the students: (For parents with multiple children in the same age range, the idea of sending two or more kids to college and paying the rising cost of tuition is terrifying. With the increased cost of higher education and the financial strain on families, it’s important that we try to help the families out in decreasing the cost of education.
    1. 5% or 10% discount for immediate family members
  6. Discount for the immediate family members of government employees and other educational and cultural institutions (This package is designed to build up and maintain good relationship with other institutions)
    1. 100% discount for one of the employees of the government or anyone is introduced by the government to the university
    2. 100% discount for the disabled, impoverished or immediate family members of martyrs (if they are introduced to university by city governor)
    3. 100% discount for one disabled student who has been introduced by the association of martyrs and disabled.
    4. 50% discount for blind students
    5. 100% discount for new students who have been recognized by the cultural and educational institutions in exterminating competitions and have already signed a partnership agreement with the university.
    6. Discounts with different percentages based on memoranda of understanding and contracts with related subjects, including 55% off for government employees and their family members.
    7. 60% discount for the top members of journalistic competitions (for all faculties excluding medical faculty)
  7. Discount for impoverished and low income families
    1. Everyone is not able to attend a university in Afghanistan. For poor students, getting into college is harder than it seems and one common barrier is money. The decision has to be made by the board and the discount committee. These students get from 10% to 100% discount.

    Shamsulhaq Fazl Field:
Master 0796606868
Vice-Chancellor For Finance & Administrative Affairs
    Yama Wahidi Field:
Bachelore 0790561414
Finance Officer
    Nasir Ahmad frahmand Field:
Master degree 0794793040
Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    Osman Auobi Field:
Master's degree 0799160115
Head of Trusteeship

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