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Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is the chief student affairs officer and reports directly to the Chancellor of Jami University.
The Vice Chancellor for students’ affairs also serves as the chief advisor to the Chancellor as well as serves as the student advocate and provides the executive leadership and direction.
The Student Affairs Office at Jami University is a student oriented administrative department dedicated to supporting and guiding all Jami University students.
Student Affairs provides a vital, creative and adaptable vision and leadership for Student Affairs in support of the development, assessment and improvement of student services and experience which meet and support the university’s mission and strategic plan.
Furthermore, the student affairs department advocates and promotes quality instruction student success integrated planning and the expansion of Student Learning Outcomes to meet the educational needs of students in the university environment.
Student Affairs works with the instructional staff in development of the educational program including the maintenance of standards and the evaluation of lecturers and oversees academic planning academic program review and curriculum development
to update the teaching materials.
Finally, the student affairs provide leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies, and also heads the disciplinary committee of the university that makes the necessary and substantive reviews of the committee on a monthly basis in a systematic and urgent manner. In the case of any mistakes and conflicts between Students and professors and students of the committee will carefully review the issues as soon as possible and will take fair decisions to control and solve the problem.

  • To assist, support and co-operate with the Chancellor in all matters pertaining to student affairs;
  • To supervise, evaluate and direct the work of assigned personnel;
  • To plan in coordination with other administrators and faculties for the development of the educational programs;
  • To evaluate and review the regulations, statutes and procedures for students, and, if necessary, to prepare a draft plan and suggest it to the senior authorities;
  • To release university entrance exam results and issue ids for the new students;
  • To oversee regulations for the conduct of exams;
  • To monitor students’ affairs such as their enrollment in the faculties, results of examinations, attendance and oversee academic planning and curriculum development;
  • Distribution of temporary diplomas;
  • To arrange extracurricular activities in coordination with academic vice chancellor such as sport events, artistic, educational, social and environmental activities;
  • To complete the students’ demographics, data and statistics in each semester and provide it to the relevant authorities;
  • To Provide the necessary facilities for the implementation of practical-field work of students;
  • To conduct regular meetings with class monitors to resolve problems and to achieve strategic goals of the University;
  • Member of the Education Promotion Committee;
  • Member of Academic Discipline Committee;
  • To supervise students’ related affairs such as distribution of diplomas, Transcripts, etc.;
  • To execute and implement disciplinary committee rules and regulations;
  • To register and distribute Appeal of Examination Result Application Form and send them to Exam Committee;
  • To supervise students’ conduct and Hijab (attending the female classes of all faculties and expressing issues related to the observance of the University’s laws and regulations);
  • To issue temporary identity cards for new students;
  • To provide annual report to educational council related to student affairs;
  • To supervise and implement the decisions of the educational council of the university related to students’ affair;
  • To control and supervise registration in the database system and its correct alignment;
  • To protect universities confidential documents and information off and on duty;
  • To complete other duties as assigned by the chancellor.

    Fareshta Salehi Field:
Master 0796845223
Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs
    Razia Mahmodi Field:
Master 07796924002
Graduated Students Manager

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