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Law and Political Science Faculty Faculty


The Law and Political Science Faculty at Jami University was established in 2011 with the aim to cater the growing needs of a quality legal education in Afghanistan. The Law Faculty strives to provide its students with a well-rounded legal education. Its curriculum is designed to teach the students about the law and to help them develop the skills necessary to use that knowledge in practice.

The Law Faculty provides an outstanding legal education for the future leaders in our society with an innovative and enthusiastic approach and with the accepted criteria of Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan. The faculty strives for excellence and provides its students the most relevant academic, practical and theoretical educational services and sets the programs according to the needs of the society.

The law faculty organizes lecturers, seminars, symposia and conferences to promote legal knowledge and to transform law and legal processes into efficient instruments of social development.

Law Faculty has attracted leading jurists, academicians, lawyers in order to foster the intellectual discipline, creativity, and critical skills that will prepare its graduates for the highest standards of professional competence in the practice of law. Being the top ranked private university, the law faculty has well established infrastructure, fully equipped classrooms and modernistic library making it ideal to impart the legal education. We strive to provide a large part of the resources and textbooks and try to compile some of the students’ textbooks or translate them from English to Persian.

Law and political science faculty has produced and trained a large number of outstanding students and researchers who have gone into a broad range of fields, including justice, public administration, politics and so on.

Career Opportunities and Job Prospects in Law

There are abundant job opportunities available for a law graduate. After completing your course, you can either work as an advocate in the law court or can also work with corporate firms. A law degree not only gives you a chance to work as a lawyer in the courts, but also opens career options in different other sectors like administrative, corporate management and legal services.

Some of the jobs are mentioned for law graduates below.

  • Can work in the judiciary and the Attorney General office
  • Can work as a lawyer
  • Can work as legal advisor in governmental and non-governmental departments
  • Can work as professional researcher on various legal issues
  • Can work in different other sectors like administrative, corporate management and legal services and in the ministries as professionals
  • Can work as a diplomat to present the country in different political affairs


Law and Political Science Faculty is an active faculty which provides, educates and trains professional and specialist cadres for the society in general and for the judiciary organs in particular. This faculty tries its best to deal with the needs of the society in the fields of law and political science. It has been trying to apply the programs of the Higher Education Ministry, strategic plan and effective programs to train human powers according to the needs of the society. Thus, it is needed to match and concord our programs according to the scientific, legal and political values of our contemporary times in order that this faculty performs and does its mission. The present and the future generation expects from such faculties more.


  1. Applying and practicing the programs of the Ministry of Higher Education, Strategic plan of Jami University, Law and Political Science Faculty Strategic Plan and trying to approach to the final level of Validity;
  2. Developing scientific education, ethic codes, professional skills of students according to the national and international accepted standards;
  3. Capacity building and holding professional training programs for the lecturers and students for developing their qualities;
  4. Developing legal education based on new, critical, argumentative methods and scientific education;
  5. Educating students according to the effective methods and preparing them for professional challenges resolution;
  6. Providing the needed facilities for the faculty staff and students based on their working and professional goals;
  7. Doing modern researches on legal and political issues in order to develop the theoretical and practical trainings and sharing them with students, staff and lecturers;


  1. Observing the Islamic and national values;
  2. Taking steps for national unity, peaceful co-existence, common accountability and responsibility;
  3. Being accountable and responsive towards the students;
  4. Having big faith for freedom of speech and expression and following valuable principles and culture of the society;
  5. Having big faith for the scientific values of our country;
  6. Providing suitable and students based atmosphere according to our Islamic values and student’s democracy;
  7. Respecting students’ healthy views, suggestions, and their criticisms;


  1. Goals and objective of law and political science faculty can be as follows:
  2. Teaching the bases, principles, disciplines, regularities and fundamentals of law and political science;
  3. Developing the professional knowledge of the students for better understanding of the law and political concepts;
  4. Working for professionalism and expertisement;
  5. Teaching practical skills in law and political science faculty be holding practical courts and political assimilation;
  6. Teaching and educating professional cadres for the justice and juridical organs of the government according to their needs;
  7. Educating judicial and diplomatic skills for the judicial staff and diplomats;
  8. Educating the courts principles needed for judicial cases and enhancing peaceful co-existence political culture;
  9. Teaching needed skills for the lawyers and providing needed skills for the governmental staff;
  10. Providing legal and political consultation for the governmental and non governmental organizations;

    M. Tariq Wamiq Field:
Ph.D (criminal law) 0799030334
Dean of the Law Faculty
    M.Said Danish Field:
Mp.(administrative & Diplomacy) 0792434812 dep of diplomacy
    Khalid Faqiry Field:
Mp. (judiciary & persecution) 0790753497 dep of judicial
    Syed Hamid Ameen Field:
MP.(private law) 0799053144
Vice Dean

    Ali Naqi Masoumi Field: Major: International rights
Education Degree: Master's degree 07044134886
Instructing Subjects: [ origins of rights ]
    Abdusalam Sokut Field: Instructing Subjects: [ Rights & duties ]
Education Degree: Master's degree 079640999
Major: Environment

Peace Talks in the Academic Review Scale

March 31, 2019

Objectives: Peace Talks in the Academic Review Scale. Presenters: Dr. Mohammad Dawoud Irfan, Mohammad Arshad Khatibi, Lilima Nomani Participants: 300 Time and place: 11/1/1398(Jami University)

Meeting of the Law and Political Science Faculty Staff with Students

August 10, 2019

The staff of law and political science faculty held a meeting with the students of this faculty in Jami Conference Room, on Wednesday, August 10th, 2018. Mr.khalid Faqiri, Head of law and political science department talked about the agenda of the meeting, faculty achievements, teaching quality and students welfare services. Then Mr.Mohammad Saeed Danish, the […]

Meeting of Staff of Law and Political Science Faculty with lecturers

March 1, 2019

The meeting of lecturers of law and political science department was held on Thursday, March 1st, 2019 with the presence of vice chancellor, staff and lecturers of law and political science Jami University and this meeting was started by recitation of some verses of Holi Quran by Mr.Yahya Mojadadi. First of all, Mr.Nasir Ahmad Farahmand […]


useful sites for dear students in Political Science Faculty:

1- Almaktab Shamella

2- Library site Opinion

3- Shbakeh alukah

4- Voice of islam

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Afghan youth in the struggle for tradition and modernity

Afghanistan’s youth in the struggle for tradition and modernity was the name of a scientific seminar that was held at the University of Jami Conferences Wednesday attended by a large number of professors and students from the Department of Political and Political Affairs at the Department of Diplomacy, Diplomacy, Law and Political Affairs.

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