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Policy & Plan Committee

Academic policy and planning committee Examines, formulates, and reviews long-term and short-term academic planning and develops and implements strategies for academic program sustainability and structure.
The committee is mainly responsible for coordinating the development, implementation and monitoring of policy and strategy across the University and for supporting the University’s governance framework.
Each academic program will have a thoroughly researched analysis of: its present status, its vision, the resources necessary to accomplish the vision, and a 5-year plan for moving closer to or achieving that vision; and the analysis on the present status of academic programs and visions will serve as the catalyst for recommendations for new or renewed academic programs.




1- To develop policy guidelines and procedures
2- To have technical cooperation with administrative and academic departments in order to make short-term and long term plans.
3- To contribute to making strategic academic plans and monitor its implementation
4- To develop strategic plan based on requirements.
5- To co-ordinate the development, implementation and monitoring of policy and strategy
6- To Prepare annual and quarterly reports of all academic and administrative departments and submit to the educational council
7- To monitor and coordinate the implementation of development projects.
8- To protect universities confidential documents and information off and on duty.
9- To perform other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned from time to time by the Jami University Chancellor.

    Nasir Ahmad frahmand Field:
Master degree 0794793040
Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    Mohammad Auobi Field:
Ph.D. 0799184472
University Chancellor

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