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Islamic Studies Faculty Faculty


The Faculty of Islamic Studies is one of the most important educational centers at the universities of the Islamic World Which plays a significant role in educating the youth and the new generation of the Ummah in all Islamic countries.
The religion of Islam begins with the command of “Iqra”, and there are many verses in the Holy Qur’an that highlight the importance of education in human life and Allah Almighty has been introduced as the first human teacher in this great and holy book.
It is further stipulated that Allah taught man writing by the pen and added to his knowledge the things that he did not know before. In addition to the fact that there is a Surah named Pen, the Qur’an also refers to the oath that brings the importance of pen, writing, research and related affairs.
Likewise, in our holy book Quran, we are obliged to have insight, study, do the work well, and generally disseminate education.
By referring to the life of the holy prophet of Islam and his Great Companions, we come to know that how important education was for them and as well as for their predecessors and they did try to spread and generalize Islamic culture. But unfortunately, for centuries, some Muslims have forgotten the importance of knowledge, science, education and mainly Islamic studies, and they were less concerned about it. Fortunately, the youth of the Ummah have been enthusiastic about it recently.
In 2011 The faculty of Islamic Studies at Jami University began its academic programs with the aim of Serving Islamic studies via education, rehabilitation and research inculcating Islamic identity, disseminating the method of Islamic moderation, and achieving intellectual balance.
We have the best and the most qualified professors at our faculty. Our graduates are competent in Islamic legislation, conversant with today’s changes and are prepared to work in the areas of advocacy of God by preaching, providing guidance, conducting Hisba, imamate, and giving sermons and legal consultation in as well as outside government departments.


Career Opportunities for Graduates:

1 – Religious affairs expert and analyst
2 – Working in the Islamic courts of justice and functioning as a lawyer
3 – Legal and religious advisor at governmental and non-governmental departments
4 – Teaching of religious material at all academic levels
5 – Working in the fields of preaching, counseling and advocacy of
God Almighty
6- Performing a professional job in ministries

  • To strengthen and deepen the student’s Islamic faith.
  • To explain and make clear the true concept of worship in Islam.
  • To produce religious personalities.
  • To instill the foundations of knowledge and belief, doctrine, worship, and ethical behavior in students in an appropriate manner to enable them to work constructively in their community.
  • To combat against the heresy and superstition in the society.
  • To Prepare Research and pursue Islamic Studies, which aim to serve Islam and Muslims.
  • To improve the quality of teaching in accordance with global standards through keeping the curriculum relevant in the time of rapid change.
  • To develop a credit system in teaching to enhance the student’s centered-learning and active participation of students in the research and presentation.
  • Implementation of the quality assurance program and the validation of teaching practices by professors.

    Saeid Jamaludin Hiravi Field: Major: Tafsir
Ph.D 0792037321
Dean of Islamic Studies Faculty
    Aqa Mohammad Rasouli Field: Major: Private Law
Master's Degree 0799330056
Instructing Subjects: [ Local Curt's Procedure ]

    Saeid Jamaludin Hiravi Field: Major: Tafsir
Ph.D 0792037321
Dean of Islamic Studies Faculty
    Aqa Mohammad Rasouli Field: Major: Private Law
Master's Degree 0799330056
Instructing Subjects: [ Local Curt's Procedure ]
    Ab.Majid Samim Field: Major: Political Science
Master's Degree 0798276002
Instructing Subjects: [ Exact Law ]

Sharia and Islamic studies faculty meeting with lecturers

May 4, 2021

Sharia and Islamic studies held its official meeting with lecturers on 27/6/1397 to improve the quality of teaching in this faculty. At first, Sayed Jamaluddin Herawi, dean of Sharia and Islamic studies faculty spoke about the subjects and teaching methods of teachers. He encouraged those teachers who are trying and updated in their majors and […]

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