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Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Vice chancellor for academic affairs

Based on the rules and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education, the academic affairs are divided among different administrative offices at each university in order to provide high-quality academic services and accomplish academic goals and objectives. The Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs is one of the principal academic and administrative officers of the University.

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs serves as the chief academic officer of the university and is responsible for educational policy and academic programs.

As the senior academic and administrative officer, the Vice-Chancellor is the University’s Chief Executive, with overall responsibility for planning, organizing developing, directing, implementing and evaluating academic programs, policies, procedures and guidelines. Academic Administration provides leadership in all academic matters; initiates, participates in, supervises, oversees and reviews academic planning and curriculum development. The Vice Chancellor serves as a leader in long-term planning of educational programs, assuring quality of instruction, selection and development of a distinguished university and furthering the strategic plan and the goals and objectives of the university.


Prof. Dr. Nasir Ahmad Farahmand was born in 1972 in the third district of Herat city. He attended Khawaja Muhammad Taki School from first grade through eighth grade and then he transferred to Jami High School. He graduated from the same high school in 1989. He majored in economics at Herat University in 1990. In 1994, he graduated with outstanding academic honors and achievements.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Ahmad Farahmand‘s academic career began at Herat University in the faculty of economics in 1995 as a lecturer. He worked for a brief period at the University until 2002.

In 2017, he earned an M.A. in economics successfully. He has begun doing his Ph. D in India.

He has previously held posts as finance and administrative officer at Human Rights Commission and he has also taught as honorary professor at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Public Administration at Herat University.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Ahmad Farahmand has taught at the faculty of economics and law and political science since Jami University was founded. In 2014, he was appointed as Vice-chancellor for Academic Affairs at Jami University.

In addition to writing academic journal articles, The Vice-Chancellor is also involved in producing books for academia. He has so far written books and the titles are:

  1. Socio-Cultural causes of corruption in Afghanistan
  2. Good Governance (centralism or decentralism)
  3. Economic Development of Herat (employment and investment fields in Herat)
  4. Afghanistan Elections (Exploring Opportunities and Challenges)
  5. Ethnicity and Political Development in Afghanistan
  6. Obstacles on Democracy in Afghanistan
  7. Exploring the reflection of democratic values in Afghanistan school curriculum

Duties and Responsibilities

The Vice-Chancellor performs the following tasks, duties and responsibilities:

  • Advises and assists the Chancellor and provides leadership to the academic and academic-related units of the university;
  • Oversees, evaluates and approves faculty recommendations for hiring, appointments, promotion and dismissal;
  • Plans, implements and coordinates the educational programs of the university;
  • plans, organizes and implements educational research programs;
  • provides leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies;
  • Makes the plans of education council and presents it at the first education council meeting at the beginning of each year in order to approve and implement;
  • Prepares submits, meetings and agendas for education council and implements the decisions made by the council;
  • Files the decisions made by the education council to the relevant departments for performance and ensures that they are implemented;
  • Reviews and evaluate regulations, statutes and procedures for academic research
  • Monitors and oversees the affairs of the library, information technology and the Internet services and takes the necessary steps to improve equipment;
  • Provides guidance to committees;
  • Participates in the planning of new facilities for the purposes of instruction and student services;
  • Supervises the affairs and activities of the departments relating to the vice chancellor;
  • Provides guidance to, and receives recommendations from the Faculties and other representative organizations regarding the planning, implementation and review of academic programs, services, activities and related matters;
  • Oversees academic planning, academic program review, and curriculum development;
  • Provides a report on the performances and annual activities of the deputy head of the university;
  • Oversees and ensures that education council’s decisions are implemented in the academic field;
  • Provides resources necessary to achieve academic goals and objectives;
  • Provides and arranges statistics related to members of the academic staff and other academic matters;
  • Facilitates and co-operates in the development of the university’s strategic academic plan;
  • Directs and supervises academic conferences of the professors;
  • supervises and oversees faculty exams procedures;
  • Provides guidance and supervision related to university Journals;
  • Provides guidance to and has oversight of the issues related to publications, academic research, library and professors;
  • Performs other duties assigned to the vice chancellor according to the law.
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