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Office of the Chancellor

Former Chancellor


Name: Mohammad Naser
Last Name: Ataei
Father Name: Al Haj Abdul Karim Ataei
Birth Date: 1/2/1350 H. S.
Place of Birth: Herat, Afghanistan
Phone Number: +(93) 797430022
Academic Degree: Master

Educational Background

  1. Master’s degree: (Arabic Literature) Islamabad International Islamic University
  2.  Bachelor’s Degree: (Arabic Literature) Islamabad International Islamic University
  3.  High School : (Al-Wahid al-Sharia al-Ali Llumalamīn) Peshawar- Pakistan
  4.  Secondry School: (Khwaja Abdullah Ansari School) Torbat Jam – Iran
  5. Primary School: Fushun-e-Jouneh High School, Herat province

Past Experiences and Previous Offices:

  • Former Chancellor of Jami University
  • Elected Member of Meshrano Jirga
  • Member of the International Relations Commission for one year
  • Herat University lecturer
  • (IDLO) Member & UAE TV reporter and correspondent
  • Reporter and Political Analyst (Online Islam) from Cairo-Egypt
  • Lecturer at Arabic Language Institute & Faculty of Science and Islamic Studies
  • The founder of Imam Abu Hanifa (Reh) orphanage in Herat province
  • Membership in the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga
  • Membership in the Regional Secured Jirga
  • Official trips: To America, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates
  • Attended several national and international seminars and conferences


  • Teaching
  • Writing and Translation
  • Skills in short-term and long-term management and planning
  • Skills in building and consolidating communication
  • public speaking
  • languages (Dari, Pashto, Arabic, English and Urdu)

Former Chancellor


Name: Professor Abdul Rauf Mukhlas Herawi
Father Name: Maulvi Mir Mohammad Youssef
Birth Date: 1340 Hijri Shamsi
Place of Birth: Herat- Nuqra Village
Academic Rank Professor
Current Job Consultant of Jami University & Lecturer at Islamic Studies Faculty at Herat University

Former Jobs:

  1. Head of Studies and Culture of Herat province from 1371-1374
  2. Chancellor of Herat University from 1381 to 1385
  3. Chancellor of Jami University from 1389 – 1392

Educational Background:

  1. High School: Madrasah – Herat Province
  2. Bachelor’s Degree: Faculty of Islamic Studies – Kabul University
  3. Master’s degree : Alshahadat Alealamiat Min wafaq Almadarisa Peshawer- Pakistan

Professor’s Most Famous Works:

(Some of the following articles were published in the local, national and international magazines and newspapers.)
1. Interpretation of Anvar al-Quran Vol (6)
2. Translation of Fath-ol-Mlmm Description of Sahih Muslim in Farsi Vol (5)
3. The manifestation of the miracle of the Qur’an in the age of science
4. The translation of the book: “Ahlul Walanfs al-Basharita”, titled: God and the human psyche
5. Administrative corruption and coping with it in terms of Islamic law
6. Poverty and how it can be reduced and eliminated (Persian translation from Dr. Qaradawi)
7. Translation of the Tafser of Al-Mannir Fi Al-Qidda and Wali in the Farsi (4 volumes)
8. Compilation of the book: “Fiqh Sahih al-Bukhari Motamed Ali’Aminat al-Qari”) Arabic
9. (Translation of the book al-Fiqah al-Hanafi and Adlt) Volume 2
10. Translation of the book (ادارة الصلاة) under the title “Prayer Management”
11. Translation of the book (jurisprudence in Persian) 2 vols.
12. Translation of the Interpretation (Myssaar Dr. Ayaz Qarani) 10 items.
13. Description of Two Books (Faith and Science) (from Sahih al-Bukhari)
14. Monaqib of Imam A’zam Abu Hanifa (translated into Persian)
15. Prepared (The Quran’s Tawid source for secondary school classes

The Professor has been involved in many academic seminars inside and outside of the country.

  • International Symposium of the Supreme Imam (Rahma Ahlul), concluded in Tajikistan.
  • Seminar “Meditate” concluded in Kuwait.
  • International seminar “Comparison of Islamic Shari’a with Provisions” in Germany
  • International Conference on the Approximation of Islamic Religions concluded in Tehran.
  • International Symposium on “Reforming Mind” in the Maldives.
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