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Licences & Accreditation

Jami University

Jami University was established in 2011. This sophisticated university has got more achievements since it was established and started its activities. It has six faculties –medical faculty, law and political science faculty, economy faculty, agriculture faculty, engineering faculty and Sharia and Islamic science faculty. It has graduated experienced, expertise and some of the best cadres for the society.

Afghanistan Investment Support Office (AISA)

Jami University received its academic and higher education license (D-37491) in six courses (medical faculty, law and political science faculty, engineering faculty, economy faculty, agriculture faculty and Sharia and Islamic science faculty) from AISA (Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency) in order to introduce and produce better academic services along with high quality teaching services matching national and international quality standards.

Jami, from Institution of Higher education to University

Jami university was established in 2013 as there was a need in Herat Academic for such a university. It could graduate and introduce high-skilled, expertise and sophisticated students for our country. This university has achieved more achievements since it was established and it was welcomed by our people as it could move according to the academic, educational, social, political and economic needs of our society from one hand and according to the market needs in the other hand. This university was externally and internally monitored, assessed and evaluated by the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan, academic society, people and its staff. So after such tough evaluation and assessment, this university could attract the trust of both academic society and our people. Jami university could prove its merits, effectivity, efficiency, preparedness and proficiency for ministry of higher education and people. It could compile, prepare and formulate an effective strategic plan according of which it runs its policies, programs, goals and activities in the society. Jami university has a good academic compass and the needed and useful academic and non – academic facilities. Non-stop, effective and useful endeavor and hardworking was the big factor for completing and approaching the scientific and administrative standards; and as a result, in 11.10.2015 Jami Institute of Higher Education rose to University (Jami University). The board of directors of Jami University congratulate this big, spiritual, intellectual and scientific pride and glory to scientific and administrative staff and students of this university. We also thank and appreciate goodwill, trust and cooperation of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan.

Engineering Faculty

Improvement and reconstruction is the key features of civilized societies. As far as our country Afghanistan is a developing country and it needs expertise and experienced human forces for infrastructure such as water dam, financial and business towers, highways which act as jugular vein and lifeline of a society. Engineering faculty after being given license and permission by ministry of higher education of Afghanistan in 21.3.2011 could achieve more and introduce a number of expertise cadres for our society.

Law and Political Science Faculty

Faculty of law and political was also licensed by the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan in 21.3.2011 and is composed of two departments –law department and political science department. This faculty could introduce and graduate a great number of students in the fields of law and political science according to the needs of the society in general and market in particular. Jami University has afforded enough opportunities for the improvement, betterment, amendment and amelioration in different fields of law and politics. The particular examples of which are holding moot courts and establishment of legal clinic.

Economy Faculty

Jami university, aiming promotion and development of knowledge and defining the newest theory of economy in order to find scientific solutions to fight against poverty and economic problems in the country, started its scientific activities and attracting more students in economy faculty after getting its license from ministry of higher education of Afghanistan. It is expected that this scientific center and compass take effective and useful steps towards development of economic science and performs its respective national and scientific responsibility. Faculty of economy started its scientific activities according to the priorities of Afghanistan society. This university tries to deal with the challenge of structural poverty (lack of supply and demand of work force) and fundamental needs of governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, banks and private sectors. We wish that we as the staff of this faculty can do our responsibility and take at least a minor step for the development and modernization of our country in all fields and backgrounds and in particular in economy aspects of social life.    

Sharia and Islamic Science Faculty

The rule of law and understanding behavioral principles cause security and stability in the society and it will decrease the number of social crises in every society. In our geography the source of our laws and legislature is Islamic Sharia and also we are responsible for broadcasting and spreading our Islamic values in our society. Jami university is one of those universities which has facilitated studying Sharia and Islamic science and has established Sharia and Islamic Science Faculty. Hundreds of students have been graduated from this faculty so far and introduced them to respective governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions.

Medical faculty

Medical faculty received its educational license from the ministry of higher education in 2014 and it tries to apply the national and international standards and curriculum of ministry of higher education. It has decided to perform its educational service and activities as best as possible and to be in contact with high ranking corresponding institution nationally and internationally. This faculty has been equipped with high quality laboratories and hospital. The staff of this faculty are committed to serve for the different groups of the society irrespective of color, language, sex, religion and ….by training and teach the best cadres. This faculty is committed to the following goals: 1. Dealing with the medical needs of the society; 2. Rising the capacities order to do scientific researches for the development of the medical science; 3. Reviewing and studying the existing challenges and problems in the fields of medical science in our country and suggesting solutions for each problem; 4. Participating of lecturers, staff and students in social and public affairs of the society both locally and nationally;

Agriculture faculty

This faculty firstly established agronomy department and took steps for agricultural circulation and development. We, the staff of this faculty, try to establish garden department, animal husbandry science department, agrology and irrigation department, natural sources and environment, protection of plants and veterinary departments. Teaching curriculum matches accepted standards of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan and if needed we will hold vocational and expertise courses, trainings, workshops for the students in order that they reach their ideal goals. The long term goals of this faculty can be as such: training technical and vocational experts in agriculture course for the purpose of better service in development of modern agriculture, refinement proliferation of plants, using from the natural wealth (jungles, grassland and wildlife) in Afghanistan by using scientific methods, fighting against plagues and sicknesses of plants, proliferating and surveying of the soil, preventing from abrasion and erosion of soil, adjusting irrigation system and proliferation and increasing animal and vegetable products. School and vocational institutes graduates can join this faculty after passing entrance exam of the Jami University. The graduates of this faculty will be granted valid diploma of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan which has international credibility.  
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