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Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Based on the polices, rules and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan,
there are three main departments in Jami University administrative organizational structure, namely: administrative, academic and student affairs. The departments ensure that the administrative activities within Jami University run efficiently, by providing structure to other departments throughout the university.
The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs is one of the pillars of Jami university and is responsible for the management, direction, control and coordination of all administrative and financial activities of the university. The Vice Chancellor also establishes policies and procedures affecting long-range institutional plans and projects and oversees the division’s operating units.
The Vice Chancellor provides leadership and direction for financial and administrative services and its operational staff including budgeting, accounting, purchasing, human resources, contracted services, physical plant operations, auxiliary enterprises, and capital planning and operations.
Additionally, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative affairs works closely with Academic and Student affairs departments to support, facilitate and advance their work.

  • To assist, support and co-operate with the Chancellor in all matters pertaining to finance and the administration of the University;
  • To co-ordinate the process of planning and budgeting of the university;
  • To offer advices and needed information related to financial and administrative affairs to chair of trustees and chancellor of the University;
  • To oversee, evaluate and approve personnel’s appointments, promotion and dismissal;
  • To create agendas, make plans and file decisions made by the department;
  • Legal acts related to financial, accounting, purchasing, limitation and collection of property and goods;
  • To work on normal and developmental budgets with regard to requirements and development;
  • To supervise how to proceed with the affairs of the financial and administrative contracts of the university in coordination with relevant authorities;
  • To monitor the correct implementation of the employment regulations and provide the necessary guidance;
  • To monitor the staff’s attendance, entry and exit;
  • To monitor the maintenance of university campus green area, buildings and other relevant departments;
  • Legal acts regarding the assets and properties of the university;
  • Thorough and timely implementation to overcome deficiencies in financial and administrative affairs of relevant faculties and departments;
  • To Prepare and arrange monthly, quarterly, six-months and annual financial and administrative working plans of the University;
  • To supervise and control of how the affairs of the respective branches work;
  • To supervise and expand administrative disciplines and rules at the university;
  • To supervise salary distribution process;
  • Supervision and control of cleanness of departments and giving guidance related to discovery of faults for maintaining cleanness;
  • To prepare and compile statistics based on reports from sub-directorates;
  • To develop effective and comprehensive measures in power supply, water supply, heating of buildings, health care activities;
  • To make plans for the development of physical infrastructure of the University;
  • To make plans for encouraging profit-making activities and to take steps to use it to solve the problems of the University in agreement with the Department of Deputies and Faculties;
  • To report to board of trustees and educational council about finance department’s activities;
  • To coordinate the implementation of the appointment and dismissal of the administrative and service members of the faculties with the administration of each faculty;
  • To supervise the implementation of the decisions of the Educational Council of the University and the Ministry of Higher Education in the administrative section;
  • To provide facilities that are necessary for the implementation of practical fieldwork of the students;
  • To supervise the timely provision of materials and supplies required by the University;
  • To act as the chief of university administrative board;
  • Assumes additional related administrative responsibilities as assigned;
  • To prepare and set up a report on the study of the University benefits and losses and to submit it to the Ministry of Finance, the Head of the Board of Trustees and the chancellor of the University;
  • To make payroll list of all the staff at the end of each month;
  • To protect universities confidential documents and information off and on duty;

    Shamsulhaq Fazl Field:
Master 0796606868
Vice-Chancellor For Finance & Administrative Affairs
    Bahuadin Jami Field:
Bachelor 0796606767
Procurement officer
    Zainab Rahimian Field:
Bachelor 0790858512
Human Resource Officer
    Yama Wahidi Field:
Bachelore 0790561414
Finance Officer
    Maroof Faqiri Field:
Bachelor 0795489292
Student Finance Database manager
    Said Fahim Sadat Field:
High School 0796690326
Technical And Maintenance Manager

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