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Cultural Committee

Culture is one of the main pillars of development and sustenance of communities and no society can progress in its absence. It is important for nation building.
Culture is the essential part of the human’s society and it is our way of life. It includes our values, beliefs, customs, languages and traditions. Culture is reflected in our history, in our heritage and in how we express ideas and creativity.
Culture plays an important role in teaching and learning. Cultural values have huge impact on education.
Education is an instrument of cultural change. Education can impart knowledge, training and skills as well as inculcate new ideas and attitudes among the young.
It is culture in which education germinates and flowers. It is the culture also upon which education exerts, in turn, a nourishing influence.
In order to achieve those important goals, the Cultural Committee was established at Jami University. The objective of the committee is to strengthen communal bonds and promote a community spirit among all staff members at Jami University.

1- To organize extra-curricular activities in the field of culture, research and education
2- To monitor and manage media advertising such as (audio, video, and media writing)
3- To create, compile and manage slogans and laws, regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education in the university campus
4- To collect, create and post the material and achievements of the university on social media such as (the Facebook page and Telegram group of the University)
5- To collaborate with University Web Site Administration
6- To execute and implement cultural, educational and social programs and policies of the university with the help of the appointed group of students.
7- To build relationship with the educational, cultural and social institutions
8- To stimulate and encourage to take part in cultural events, workshops and festivals
9- To organize outings for the students
10- University photographs, films and other documents collection in the archives
11- To promote students’ cultural activities
12- To promote academic culture and association
13- Identify good students and motivate them to excel.

    M. Tariq Wamiq Field:
Ph.D (criminal law) 0799030334
Dean of the Law Faculty
    M. Shafiq Yusofy Field:
MBA 0796650337
Dean of Economics Faculty
    Nasir Ahmad frahmand Field:
Master degree 0794793040
Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    Osman Auobi Field:
Master's degree 0799160115
Head of Trusteeship

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