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Order & Discipline Committee

Education is a fundamental process of human life. Therefore, in education ethics and discipline have a very important and effective role. Today, ethics has an important place in all areas of life.

Ethics in education helps regulate the education system and ensures that this practice positively contributes towards human welfare.

The purpose of ethics is to define acceptable human behavior through knowing the types of actions, its consequences, and the limits of both humans and actions, as well as their acceptability.

In order to achieve those goals, the Order and Disciplinary Committee was established in Jami University.

The Order and Discipline Committee plays a significant role in creating an environment that is conducive to learning by implementing rules and regulations and also develops and maintains policies and procedures governing the university disciplinary processes.

It improves discipline in accordance with the Jami University’s Core Values (Discipline, Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, and Relevance).

  1. To deal with students and staff disciplinary matters
  2. To monitor rules of conduct and the implementation of disciplinary procedures
  3. To supervise and observe transparency and coordination in decision-making.
  4. Collective decision-making about the students who disrupt the academic discipline in the university and punish them based on the rules and regulations of the committee
  5. To decide and execute students’ punishment in coordination with the faculties
  6. To investigate received reports from legal entities and non- legal entities about the students
  7. To summon the students about whom complaint has been lodged
  8. To investigate about some students’ background if need be.
  9. To manage and supervise students’ dorms in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and the University
  10. Implementation supervision of university laws in relation to the students (in terms of legal and statutory rules)
  11. To focus and stop public order crimes at the university such as threatening, deceiving, insulting, assaulting, forging, stealing
  12. To deal with educational and administrative violations (such as fraud, disruption or interruption in university or academic programs and damage to property of the university or Dorms)
  13. To deal with Ethical violations (such as smoking and drugs, use of unauthorized video or audio tapes, non-compliance with Islamic dress patterns or disregarding educational qualities)
  14. To deal with political offenses (insulting Islamic or national rituals, committing acts against the laws of the country, creating an atmosphere of chaos in the university environment)
  15. To protect universities confidential documents and information off and on duty.
  16. To investigate offenses outside the university environment if it affects the dignity of the university leadership boar

    Shamsulhaq Fazl Field:
Master 0796606868
Vice-Chancellor For Finance & Administrative Affairs
    Osman Auobi Field:
Master's degree 0799160115
Head of Trusteeship

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