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Quality Assurance Committee

Jami University is committed to maintaining its academic standards and enhancing the quality of its learning and teaching provision. Therefore, the university established the quality assurance committee to support the development of University policies and procedures and to ensure that they are consistently implemented throughout the Faculties.

The Quality Assurance Committee plays a key role in the development, monitoring and reporting of quality across the university. The Committee has a clearly defined mission, principles and terms of reference, which indicate the commitment of the university to continuous improvement.

Quality assurance committee is designed to promote institutional and public confidence in the academic standards of the university and it is transparent, systematic, rigorous and equitable. This committee focuses on input, processes, outcomes and impacts.

The Quality Assurance takes the leadership and initiative in the institutional quality assurance of the university. The goal of the Committee is to promote quality assurance, planning and evaluating the quality of the activities of the university through the assessment and providing appropriate strategies and suggestions, and helping to plan for quality improvement.

  1. To improve, modify and promote active learning
  2. To ensure effective and quality teaching methods
  3. student participation in quality assurance processes and modifying teaching methods
  4. To identify and develop the special talents, skills and interests of the students and contribute to the balanced and all-round education of the academic personality of the students
  5. To devise new methods to enhance student’s motivation, creativity, innovation, and self-assessment skills
  6. To gather and provide information to assess the modification, improvement and reinforcement of teaching programs and methods

Academic Quality Assurance Main Jobs:

  1. To monitor the implementation of the institution’s policies, systems, procedures, strategies and resources for the management of the quality of the core functions of teaching and learning, research and social responsiveness.
  2. To develop standards and criteria for various academic and administrative activities of the university
  3. To organize workshops, seminars and trainings to build capacity and set up quality assurance policies in all university institutions.
  4. To implement student centered learning throughout the university and utilize technology in support of collaborative learning.
  5. To devise new methods to improve learning and teaching.
  6. To monitor the proper and smooth implementation of quality assurance procedures within the University, and support the management of information flows across study courses
  7. To prepare annual report and share and discuss it in the educational council and then send to ministry of higher education.
  8. To prepare report on quality assurance committee
  9. To determine and implement procedures on quality assurance for programs of study
  10. To oversee the practical use of the curriculum.

    Ali Ahmad Satari Field: Professional Development Manager
Master's degree (Law) 0799419009
Member of Committee
    Atiqullah Rhimi Field:
Master's degree (Law) 0797828705
Member of Committee
    Nasir Ahmad frahmand Field:
Master degree 0794793040
Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs

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