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History of Jami University

In 2011 Jami University was licensed and authorized to operate its academic programs and four present day faculties were established namely; Faculty of economics, Faculty of engineering, Faculty of Islamic studies and faculty of law and political science. Jami University satisfied all the requirements that were established by the Ministry of Higher Education and the University attained a threshold level of academic quality. Therefore, two other faculties were added to the university at different times: the faculty of medicine and the faculty of agriculture. Jami University is the most prestigious and accredited private higher education institution in Herat City whose primary mission is to provide a quality education to its students in an environment that encourages, nurtures, and supports learning through the free and open exchange of ideas, for the betterment of humankind. Jami University has high-level goals for the future. Jami University is Herat’s only truly reputable university, with proud tradition of academic excellence and will soon deliver university services to all parts of the country.
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