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Exams Committee

Exams are very important. Many students are studying because of exams. Through exam, students can know their knowledge.

Exams have the major role in providing necessary qualities in life such as hard work, patience, creativeness and leadership.

The examination committee was established at Jami University in order to organize and coordinate tests and examinations. The examination committee is responsible for holding fair examinations, and for their organization and coordination.

The main function of this Committee is to carry out examinations, publish results and award certificates (provided by the University) to the students who pass the final examinations. Keeping the record of each and every issue related to the examination.

  1. To make mid-term and final exam schedules in co-ordination with the faculties
  2. The security of examination scripts and answer scripts
  3. To get question papers from the professor with the signature on them
  4. To receive attendance sheets regarding students’ absences and withdrawals
  5. To announce results timely and in coordination with other faculties
  6. To register transfer students’ marks and grades
  7. To write report on exam results 10 days after make-up exam and send to the report to chancellor and vice chancellor
  8. To Ensure the proper conduct of examination
  9. To handle appeals from students with regard to examination, result, marks and assessment matters.
  10. To send reports to educational council on the committees’ activities each semester
  11. To conduct and organize university entrance exam
  12. To monitor closely the students’ appeal on exam paper revision process
  13. To keep students’ attendance record
  14. keeping the record of the students’ attendance sheets during exam and make sure they are signed by exam supervisors and invigilators
  15. To protect universities confidential documents and information off and on duty.
  16. To perform other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned from time to time by the Jami University Chancellor.

    M. Shafiq Yusofy Field:
MBA 0796650337
Dean of Economics Faculty
    Nasir Ahmad frahmand Field:
Master degree 0794793040
Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    Saiead Shafi Sadat Field:
Master's degree 0799434212
Dean of Exams Committee

The Exam Committee performs an important task at Jami University and it fulfills a vital role in monitoring the quality of the process leading to the awarding qualifications. The committee aims to increase its efficiency in its work and make its functioning cordial and smooth so as to achieve its goals
The Examination Committee holds its ordinary and special meetings for the smooth and efficient management of the activities.
It is worth mentioning that one of the great achievement of the committee is that it announces the results via Jami website.

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